The Turkuaz Spirit that adds value to the land...

In today’s world where natural resources are being consumed rapidly, we are sensitive to the environment at every stage of our production and design processes. With our maximum water saving products, we fulfill our responsibilities to both nature and humans.

Production Capacity

Turkuaz Seramik, which has become one of the most important players in the world market, offers the consumers a wide range of products-from washbasins to toilets, urinals to armatures-all of which are being produced with greater quality and aesthetics day by day.


While applying the richness of the lands from which we take our name for our products, we blend the past and future, carrying classical and modern lines to the present day, bringing them together at the axis of luxury for living.

Product Range

With our ever-increasing technology, we produce products that put both design and ergonomics at the forefront, and we produce exclusive products in many categories from washbasins to toilets, urinals to mixers.


Turkuaz Seramik was born in 1993 in Kayseri taking its name from the land it was built on. By adapting the cultural richness of Anatolia from past to present, Turkuaz Seramik offers products exclusive to the ceramic sanitary ware markets in the Kayseri Industrial Zone and the Kayseri İncesu Industrial Zone.


Since the day we stepped into the sector, we see innovation as an activity of perpetual importance, and we are constantly working to improve this area at every stage of our corporate culture.


We carry out our activities by adopting quality values in line with global standards and we keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our after-sales service.

Social Responsibility

With our understanding of corporate citizenship and our proactive point of view that develops efficiency-focused approaches, we undertake significant works in the area of social responsibility. We carry out important projects prioritizing children and in the fields of education, health and the environment.